ScienceLynk B.V. develops new ideas to improve processes in companies and organizations, but also as an answer to actual social issues. Often ideas simply originate as a result of sound scientific curiosity and in a multidisciplinary context, the ideas are converted into innovative concepts.

ScienceLynk B.V. is particularly adept in the cross application of existing and new technologies in other disciplines. This can be a new introduction of a cross application or fine-tuning existing cross application efforts to deliver better results. The process of system development always includes an awareness of the technical and financial feasibility of implementing such developments.

The formation of concepts by ScienceLynk B.V. already occurred in a great number of areas:

  • Medical equipment
  • Quality of food and drinking water
  • Biosensors
  • Biogas (production)
  • Use of ultraviolet light for different applications
  • Measuring techniques in (bio)processes
  • Product innovation and development

The whole route of issue – concept – product is supported by ScienceLynk in several ways:

  • To further work out the Proof of Principle from a concept
  • Carry out feasibility studies:
    • Carry out literature research – desk research
    • Conduct and carry out scientific experiments – ScienceLynk B.V. uses laboratory rooms and facilities at universities and incubators
  • Apply for subsidies and grants
  • Carry out patent searches and prepare applications for patents

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