Concept examples

Within the medical world, ScienceLynk B.V. made a valuable contribution to the concept for a (wearable) artificial kidney, which includes specific adsorption of uremic toxins by aptamers. This innovation offers the possibility of carrying out interventional studies for a large number of patients and will/could result in an improved treatment of kidney patients.

The concept has resulted in an application for a patent, see: Artificial Kidney.

In a completely different field, the manufacturing of drinking water, ScienceLynk B.V. played an important role in the practical application of biochemical and microbiological expertise. For a control system for UV-lamps, existing Life/Dead tests for microorganisms were transformed into a new concept. This significantly increased the possible applications of the tests.

The concept referred to resulted in an application for a patent, see: Control System for UV lamps, and check system for determining the viability of microorganisms.